Praise For the Short Story, Ghost Drums

“Matt Cole writes shorts with a very non-sparkling vampire named Lazarus. His writing has strong, dark and solid allegory, balancing the traditional vampire myth with Native British Columbian myths. Having grown up a bit south of there in the Pacific Northwest, I appreciated it even more. Totem poles are more than a thing of wonder and beauty in the middle of the park, they have huge symbolic meaning within the Native religion.”

Praise For the Short Story, The Blood of Cowards

“The Blood of Cowards is an impressive example of a successful short story, where each word is carefully chosen and each sentence fits perfectly together to compose a harmonious and powerful story.”

“The story unfolds with a vivid description of the surroundings, which makes you feel like standing right next to the vampire Lazarus, hearing the gunfire and smelling the stench of war, but also perceiving the beauty of the countryside.”

Praise For the Short Story, Abode of The Damned

“Abode of the Damned is gripping from the first paragraph. You get pulled into the psyche of a man who is being hanged for his crimes. The door trap door opens and fade to black… When he wakes up, he can’t understand what has happened or where he is. That’s when all hell breaks loose.

I have to say, for a short story, Abode of the Damned is packed with action. It pulls you along though the story, burning through its pages, dying to know what is going to happen next.”